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Discover, Secure & Trade Content in Web3

Popular searches: movies, kids, videos, series, documents,

Single source of truth for Media assets and IPR metadata in web3

Non-Fungible data stored permanently on Polygon & verifiable by all stakeholders
Extends in to content delivery to other streaming platforms
Improve the quality of media rights data with more appropriate ownership information

On Mainnet

How it works?

Independent creator

  • 1

    Signup/Signin with mobile/email

  • 2

    Select what needs to be tokenised

  • 3

    Upload script/video metadata /film metadata

You are done! Now your script/film is ready to be shared with anyone with complete traceability and transparency on the network.

Distribution House

What protection do you get?

After you signup you are recognised by a unique id that cannot be hacked and is for you till perpetuity. This is called as wallet address. Can never be assigned to anyone again.

After you upload your information is stored on the blockchain. Can never be extracted or seen unless you permit to extract your document information for a limited time.

After you share Cannot be downloaded and it stays secured with you

After you transfer rights the ownership changes instantly and now you remain no longer the owner.

All these steps are captured and traceable in public network for anyone to verify and validate at any given point of time.

Asset Management System & Integrated Marketplace - Buy / Sell / Negotiate media rights

Content Delivery - Blockchain based video streaming to Apps & thru APIs

Encrypted blockchained deal proof, always living on Polygon

How it helps?

Secure the ownership and the rights on the blockchain - creates Provenance

Creates Chain of Title Documentation

Single global repository that improves the quality of all metadata

Improves efficiency, reduces cost, removes complexity

RightsfuAlly makes end-to-end engagement feasible for all on Polygon


Global Distribution agency or a Single rightsholder.

Particular content buyer or Platforms with bulk deals.

Payments - Cash or crypto

Deal structuring

Web based, user-friendly interface.

Manual entry of data to customise Media rights.

Bulk upload from external sources.

Manage media requirement / distribution by geography, territory, language, media, duration, license types etc

Deal Negotiation

Agree terms On/Off platform

Approval workflow

Deal Contracting

Customised deal contracts on blockchain.

Shorter sales cycle.

Transparent deals


Media rights management & licensing

Content distribution

Video streaming

Let's build and scale RightsfuAlly network together

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