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When The Jungle Sleeps

Comedy Action Adventure Digital Right When the Jungle Sleeps


DigitalRight ID: 24

Rights Type: Home Rental, Home Sell Thru, Kiosk (Covermount), Bundle, Partwork, Terrestrial, Cable, Satellite, Internet Pay Tv, Catch-Up Tv (For Pay Tv), Internet Free Tv, Catch-Up Tv (For Free Tv), Video On Demand Pay Tv, Near Video On Demand Pay Tv, Pay Per View, Subscription Video On Demand Pay Tv, Downloading, Streaming, Rental (Dtr), Download To Own / Est, Ad Supported Vod (Avod), Subscription Vod (Svod), Transactional Vod (Tvod), Free Vod (Fvod), Streaming Pay, Streaming Free, Connected Tv, Digital Locker, Cloud, Ott, Embedding, Youtube (Geo-Blocked), Airline, Ship, Hotel

Contract Type: ['Exclusive']

Content Type: Episode

Pricing Model:Fixed Price


Ikki finds out that her special berries are missing and is very concerned. Baloo thinks that it is the work of a thief and Mowgli decides to find clues. They find out that the thief is a big bear and Mowgli decides to sort out the matter. Baloo, Bageerah and Mowgli decide to lay a trap for the bear and wait in Ikki’s alcove. While the trio keeps a watch out for the bear, Baloo, who is on the opposite side, falls asleep. Suddenly Bageerah and Mowgli notice a shadow which is none other than Baloo’s and he is picking up the berries and walking away with it. When Mowgli and Bageerah go after Baloo, they get caught in their own trap. Ikki sets them free and the two run away after Baloo. Baloo seems to be in a trance and Bageerah realizes that he is sleep-walking. When they try to stop him he doesn’t wake up and ends up falling on a log which rolls down the cliff. They follow him in the hope to wake him and to locate the place where Baloo hides his food. They have to go through a series of hurdles to find out the place as well as to keep the sleeping Baloo out of harm’s way. In one attempt Mowgli almost falls off a height but his cry for help wakes Baloo up and he realizes that all this while he was stealing the berries. The next morning to return to friendly area, each with a load of juicy berries and tell Ikki that Baloo had scared away the thief and he won’t be coming back.

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