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How To Get Started?

A step by step guide to buy, protect and sell your digital content with the power of Blockchain.

Step 1

Sign up or sign in with OTP into your Rightsfually account

Step 2

Accept the Terms & Conditions to create your Blockchain Wallet

Step 3

Apply and become a Creator to register & sell Digital Rights

Step 4

Create or connect to your Stripe payment gateway account

Step 5

Create and upload your digital rights content (movie,script,ect)

Step 6

Create digital rights for your content on Blockchain

Step 7

Approve or reject request for secured private content viewing

Step 8

Get quotation requests. Send offers & receive counter offers.

Step 9

Accept online payments to split revenue to all rightsholders


Congrats! Your have completed all the steps.

Still having issues?

Reach out to us and we'll assist you through the process.

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