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Rightsfually is a blockchain-powered platform that allows creators to register, buy, secure, and sell digital copyrights of their content. It serves as a single source of truth for content and intellectual property rights (IPR) metadata in the web3 environment. Creators can protect their content by registering it in the blockchain repository, which includes ownership details and other specifications. It also supports rights management and content licensing. Additionally, Rightsfually facilitates the sale of content in the marketplace and provides tools for deal structuring, negotiation, and contracting.

Rightsfually is accessible to both Creators and Buyers. A) Creators: If you are a content creator, producer, filmmaker, scriptwriter, production house, company, or an individual who wants to protect your content's copyrights digitally in the blockchain to establish ownership and trade digital rights with ease, you can use Rightsfually as a Creator. B) Buyers: Anyone who has signed up as a user on Rightsfually can become a Buyer. As a Buyer, you can explore the marketplace and purchase digital rights to the content that is listed for sale by its rightsholder.

A) For Buyers: Click here to sign up to explore and purchase digital rights in the marketplace. B) For Creators: Click here to create, manage, register and trade digital rights for your content.

The Rightsfually marketplace is a digital platform where creators list their content for sale, and buyers can discover, acquire the rights to use, distribute, or license that content. This marketplace serves as a secure and transparent environment for trading digital content rights.

Yes, you need a blockchain wallet to engage in any transactions on the Rightsfually platform. When you sign up as a user, Rightsfually will automatically create a blockchain wallet for you.

No, you cannot import an existing blockchain wallet & there's no need to import one. Your blockchain wallet is provided and managed by the Rightsfually platform, making it convenient for users to engage in blockchain-based transactions without the need for a separate external wallet.

Yes, accepting the wallet's terms and conditions is mandatory, as it ensures compliance with the platform's rules and policies for secure usage of blockchain wallet provided by Rightsfually.

No, currently, you cannot transfer funds from your wallet to another wallet. However, this feature is planned to be introduced in the near future.

Yes, you have the option to "buy" or "sell" MATIC tokens in your blockchain wallet. Please note that this service is facilitated by Onmeta, and Rightsfually is not responsible for these transactions.

Simply click on the "Become a Creator" button in the header and enter details such as your name, address, and jurisdiction. Ensure that you carefully review and accept the terms and conditions before submitting the form. Additionally, when prompted, you can connect to your Stripe account.

Stripe is an online payment gateway that facilitates the collection of funds. On Rightsfually, Creators are required to connect their own Stripe account to the platform. This connection is necessary because the funds collected from buyers are automatically distributed to all stakeholders and settled to their respective bank accounts by Stripe. Connecting a Stripe account ensures a seamless and secure financial transaction process on the platform.

Initially, you can skip connecting a Stripe account, but it is mandatory if you intend to sell your digital rights in the marketplace. If you haven't connected a Stripe account, potential buyers won't be able to purchase your digital rights for your content. Connecting a Stripe account is essential for enabling transactions and ensuring your content can be sold on the platform.

Dashboard allows creators to efficiently manage, create products, monetize digital rights, enable private viewing of content, engage in online negotiations with potential buyers, and gain valuable insights. The dashboard serves as a centralized hub for creators to manage all their content, digital rights and interactions on the platform.

You can register various forms of digital content such as film scripts, movies, series, audio, images, articles, and more. These content types are available under the 'Content' section in the dashboard menu, allowing creators to protect a wide range of digital assets.

Under the 'Content' section in the dashboard menu, you can create various types of content, such as film scripts, movies, series, audio, images, articles, and more. Once your feature content is uploaded, you can then proceed to register the digital rights. This ensures that the digital rights accurately correspond to the specific content, providing a clear and secure connection between the digital rights and the content they protect.

After you've created and uploaded your content, the next step is to register its digital rights. Navigate to the 'Digital Rights' section in the dashboard menu. Fill in all the necessary details, including basic information, images, and miscellaneous information, to complete the form. This process will create the digital rights for your content, ensuring its protection on the platform.

Registering digital rights provides ownership proof, content protection on the blockchain, monetization opportunities, increased control over content use, and transparency in transactions, all enhancing the security and value of your creative work.

Absolutely, you can. After registering your content and making it available in the marketplace, anyone can buy or request to buy the digital rights. This can be done at a fixed price or through a price offered after negotiation, providing flexibility in how you monetize your content.

To sell your content, first, create the content and then register its digital rights. Once that's done, simply click the "publish" button to make it available for sale in the marketplace. At this point, anyone can purchase the digital rights to your content, providing an opportunity for you to monetize your creative work.

Once you've created and published the digital rights for your content in the marketplace, you can easily share it by copying and sharing the URL of the digital rights sale page with others. This allows you to promote your content and its availability for sale to a wider audience.

Private viewing or screening is a feature that enables creators to securely share their content with potential buyers. It allows the content to be viewed privately by a potential buyer for one time only before they decide to purchase the digital rights to the content. This feature offers a way to showcase your content to interested parties while maintaining control over its distribution.

Potential buyers can initiate a private viewing request by clicking the "Request for Private Screening" button on the digital rights details page of a specific content in the marketplace. This action sends a notification to the content's rightsholder, indicating the buyer's interest in viewing the content privately.

When you receive a request for private viewing, you have the option to either accept or reject it. If you accept, the potential buyer will be granted one-time access to view your content before making a purchase decision. If you reject the request, the user will not gain access to the content, maintaining your control over its private viewing.

Certainly, you can revoke access if you've previously accepted a private viewing request but wish to remove access before the content is actually viewed. Simply click on the 'Revoke Access' button for the request you received, and the access will be withdrawn. This gives you control over who can view your content, even after initially granting permission.

Every time you accept, reject, revoke, or the content is viewed as part of a private screening request, it generates a transaction that is recorded on the blockchain. This transaction log is essential for maintaining a transparent and immutable record of actions related to private viewing, ensuring the integrity and accountability of the process.

You will receive a notification when a user is interested to buy. A quotation is a formal response to an enquiry that quotes the price, for the requirements specified by the interested user for purchasing digital rights of the content. When you receive a request for a quotation, you should provide an offer specifying the price.

Requirements of a quotation request cannot be altered once submitted. If changes are necessary, either you or the buyer should create a new quotation request with the modified requirements. This approach is maintained to ensure clarity and avoid ambiguity in the negotiation process.

An offer is a response to a quotation request that specifies the price for the particular requirements outlined by the buyer. Creators have the option to set an expiration date and time for the offer, indicating when the offer will no longer be valid. This feature allows for clear and time-bound negotiation processes.

A counter offer is a response by the buyer to an offer made by the creator. When the buyer is not satisfied with the initial offer, they can decline the offer and, instead, send a counter offer for the same set of requirements. This process allows for negotiation and ensures that both parties can arrive at mutually agreeable terms.

When you receive a counter offer, you have two options: you can either accept the counter offer or reject it. This allows for a flexible negotiation process, where both parties can work towards terms that are mutually acceptable.

Once it is accepted, a notification is sent to both parties, confirming the agreement. A payment method will be enabled for the buyer to make the purchase at the negotiated or fixed price. The buyer can initiate the payment by clicking on the 'Make Payment' option, completing the transaction and finalizing the acquisition of digital rights.

A) If the digital rights are set at a fixed price, buyers can simply click on the 'Buy Now' button to make the payment and complete the transaction. B) If the buyer has negotiated the price with the creator on the platform, then the negotiated price will be available for the buyer to proceed with the payment when they accept the offer or when the creator accepts a counter offer. This provides flexibility in pricing and payment options for buyers.

In the event of a dispute, your ownership of the content is securely established through your registration of the digital rights on Rightsfually. The blockchain technology used by the platform serves as an immutable and tamper-proof record, providing irrefutable proof of your ownership. You can use the registration data, including timestamps and digital signatures, as evidence to support your claim of ownership in the dispute resolution process. The transparency and security of the blockchain ensure a strong case for demonstrating your rightful ownership.

If your content has digital rights created by someone else, but you are the rightful owner, you should contact the Rightsfually support team immediately to address this issue. Provide them with evidence of your ownership, which may include copyright documentation or other relevant proof. The platform's support team will assist you in rectifying the situation and ensuring that the digital rights accurately reflect your ownership.

Yes, Rightsfually offers a mobile app for users to access the platform conveniently on their mobile devices. This mobile app provides flexibility and accessibility for managing your digital rights and content on the go.

Currently, individual profile customization is not available, but customization options are offered at the corporate level. For personalized branding and customization, users may explore corporate-level solutions on the platform.

Rightsfually places a high emphasis on user data security and privacy. The platform employs robust security measures and encryption protocols to safeguard user information and digital rights data. Additionally, Rightsfually adheres to stringent privacy policies and regulatory standards to ensure the protection of user data. Your privacy is a top priority, and the platform is committed to providing a secure environment for users to manage their content and digital rights with confidence.

Yes, Rightsfually is available to users internationally. It is accessible to individuals and businesses from around the world, allowing creators and buyers to register and trade digital rights for content on a global scale.

If you come across inappropriate content or users on the platform, you can report them to the Rightsfually support team. The support team will review your report and take appropriate action to address any violations of the platform's policies. Reporting inappropriate content or users helps maintain a safe and respectful environment for all users.